Ideas to Action.

The LA Dorset Agency is a one-stop shop encompassing strategy, marketing and branding for start-ups and other innovative enterprises. Founder Laura Bloomer and her associates provide clear, workable strategic and tactical direction and follow through - from concept, roll out and expansion.

LA Dorset Agency handles all your digital marketing, social media management and content creation needs. From creative tissues to photography and video production, from branding to project management, the agency can provide the bundle of services you need to create momentum while allowing you and your team to get on with your core business and achieve success.

Laura Bloomer, through her time working in Australia and the UK in the tech innovation space, including at one of the UK's leading early-stage venture firms, has developed a team of expert associates who come together to enable start-ups to develop workable plans and create the brand they need to take them to the next level and beyond.

While we consult to businesses of all sizes - our ever popular 'Business Kickstarter' Packages are the perfect product for people who have a business idea or consultancy they want to get off the ground. Check it out!