Alistair Morrison x Allan Jenkins Canaletto Exhibition – Featuring ‘Searching for Apollo’

LONDON, November 29, 2018 – Alistair Morrison & Roger Daltrey’s ‘The Adoration Trilogy – Searching for Apollo’ comes to Canaletto, east London’s stunning new residential tower.

Alistair partners with still-life artist Allan Jenkins to hold an exhibition at the Canaletto just before Christmas. An invite-only style event, guests were able to enjoy Jenkin’s stunning and intricate still life photography, as well as Morrison’s astonishing altarpiece-style artwork which stands four metres high, and transports observers through a golden age of music.

The photographic installation features some of the most historic characters in the music industry, including Sir Elton John, Nile Rodgers, Sir Rod Stewart, Sir Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi. The piece is inspired by Morrison’s beginnings as a photographer; “My very first published photographs were a series of portraits of London buskers so, as part of my legacy as an artist, it seemed fitting to photograph these legendary musicians in a way that symbolised their musical roots.” Thanks to a jukebox installed at the base of the art piece, viewers are able to enjoy listening to music of the legends whilst viewing the artwork!

It is the first in the Trilogy, with influential female musicians featured in the second piece and the third depicting today’s rising stars.

This will be one of the last times in 2018 to view Alistair Morrison’s ‘Searching for Apollo’, the star-studded piece from the Adoration Trilogy.

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